Dinner's ready! Let your Amazon Echo devices tell the whole family

Dinner's ready! Let your Amazon Echo devices tell the whole family

Dinner's ready! Let your Amazon Echo devices tell the whole family

The instructional feature for Assistant would have videos with step-by-step instructions when a user asks how to do something.

As Glenn Gabe posted on Twitter, wouldn't it be "wonderful" if your "featured snippets could be replaced by sponsored "how to" videos on Assistant (and a version of Home with a screen)". It would make search for anything much easier and this is how the entire thing will work out for both, Google and the users. Google is said to be ready to reveal the initiative at its I/O conference next month, but the feature will not be ready for several months after that. By providing their own How To videos, Google will be killing all the YouTube Channels as they would provide everything within the Smart Assistant upon asking through your voice commands. Senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA in a statement added that "With LG SmartThinQ appliances, we've made it simpler than ever to create a smart home experience that helps consumers better manage their busy lives".

Dinner's ready! Let your Amazon Echo devices tell the whole family

Google depends on advertising for 85% of its revenue, and needs to find ways to monetize Google Assistant, which is available on smartphones and its Google Home devices.

Of course, this ad stuff is all just speculation on CNBC's end but how else will Google make money with Google Assistant?

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Last year Australians couldn't even shop online on Amazon, let alone use one of its smart speakers - unless you bought it overseas and cludged it into working locally. Google Assistant is also now available for non-Android devices and other third party manufacturers. In September, LG announced that it is bringing the Google Assistant support to 87 of its Wi-Fi connected smart home appliances.

But fighting Google is never going to be easy, and now that Apple has entered the smart speaker arena with its Siri-supported HomePod, Amazon is stepping it up with something a little bit different.

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