Colorado teachers push for more school funding

Colorado teachers push for more school funding

Colorado teachers push for more school funding

This is the first day back to school for many Oklahoma students following the two-week walkout by Oklahoma teachers.

"It's part of the national conversation amongst teachers", Poudre Education Association president Tom List said.

The educators were demanding more funding for educaiton in the state.

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The wave of teacher protests has mostly occurred in states dominated by Republicans in the legislature and governors' offices, such as West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and Kentucky.

Some district teachers will head to the Capitol. Normally, priced at $120 per year and available on the spark for education website, now free of charge, "enables students to express themselves via graphics, Web stories and video to complete their school assignments and showcase digital creativity", says Adobe.

The event was organized by the state's largest teacher's union, the Colorado Education Association, which estimated the crowd at 400. After teachers have protested for a month, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey introduced a proposal April 12 to meet teachers' demands for the pay increase. A day they hope will show signs of progress. It also gives $1,250 raises for support staff and adds $50 million in education funding.

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The sad state of the education sector doesn't affect the rich.

Classes have been cancelled in one suburban Denver school district because so many of its teachers plan to attend the demonstration. "ETFO's education agenda calls for greater student access to specialist teachers to provide more support in the arts and physical education as well as more guidance teachers and teacher-librarians". Not surprisingly, lawmakers who serve corporate interests want to reduce unions' power and membership. "I guarantee you somewhere today a child was physically harmed or ingested poison because they were home alone because a single parent doesn't have any money to take care of them". The Oklahoma Teachers Association, the state's largest teachers' union, has spoken for the thousands of educators throughout the walkout.

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