Canadian lynched after local healer shot dead in Peruvian Amazon

Indigenous leader shot to death outside her home in Ucayali

Canadian lynched after local healer shot dead in Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian prosecutors have opened an investigation into the apparent lynching of a Canadian national thought to have shot dead an indigenous leader in a remote area of the Amazon.

However his journey towards "deeper meaning" took a dark turn when he allegedly shot Indigenous healer Olivia Arevalo Lomas, 81, dead.

Officials had launched a search for Mr Woodroffe after the murder of shaman Olivia Arevalo, an octogenarian plant healer from the Shipibo-Konibo tribe of north-east Peru. She also practiced a traditional form of singing medicine that the Shipibo believe removes negative energies from individuals and a group alike.

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Peruvian authorities describe Woodroffe as her killer.

"We want to see if this person who was buried... is the same as the person who appears in a video on social media (and) was killed", prosecutor Ricardo Jimenez said at the weekend.

The video shows a man groaning in a puddle near a thatched-roof structure as another man puts a rope around his neck and drags him with others looking on. He was then left motionless on the muddy ground.

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Woodroffe's body was found 0.6 miles away from the home of Olivia Arévalo, the spiritual leader of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe and an indigenous rights activist.

"We will not rest until both murders, of the Indigenous woman as well as the Canadian man, are solved", said Jimenez in a phone interview.

Global Affairs Canada has confirmed that a Canadian killed in Peru was linked to the alleged assassination of Arevalo Lomas, and it's providing consular assistance to the Canadian's family. It is true some of the plants I will be learning about do have a perception-altering effect, but these are a few plants out of thousands I will be working with, ' he wrote on the Indiegogo crowd-funding website seeking financial help for his studies. This is more than a "job" to me.

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Her murder followed a number of unsolved murders of indigenous activists who had faced death threats as a result of their efforts to keep illegal loggers and palm oil growers off native lands, the BBC reports.

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