Amazon's project Vesta aims to launch domestic robots by 2019

Mark Gurman explains Amazon’s plans to build home rebots

Mark Gurman explains Amazon’s plans to build home rebots

That's right: Amazon is working on domestic robots, reports Bloomberg. However, people close to the project have indicated that the robot will be in a form of a mobile Alexa, and will accompany customers in some sections of theirs homes where they can't access Echo. Lab126 is Amazon division and the brainchild behind devices like Fire tablets, Fire TV set-top-boxes and Echo speakers.

Devices in Amazon's Alexa ecosystem and featuring Google's virtual assistant are becoming more and more ubiquitous with each passing year - and putting those skills into something more akin to a robot certainly looks like the next logical step. The project, codenamed "Vesta" after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family, reportedly kicked off years ago, but has been gaining steam of late.

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Facebook/AmazonAmazon's Vesta project may have started a few years agom when the company began to aggressively hire Software Engineers and Sensors Engineers, especially those with a background for robotics. Amazon's spokesperson declined to comment on the development saying that the company does not comment on rumors.

Amazon is known for taking risks and getting into categories well ahead of its competitors (just look at the Amazon Echo), and the mega etailer could be looking to do that once again with robots for your home. As for those not so closely associated with the company, they may be able to try out the very first robot models released to the general public "as early as 2019", according to reports. In order to find its way inside buildings, Vesta will come with advanced cameras and computer vision software akin to what current self-driving cars integrate.

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As the company looks for more ways into your home, a domestic robot makes a whole lot of sense.

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