Woman pulls out her own eyeballs

Woman gouges her own eyes out

Woman pulls out her own eyeballs

On February 6th, 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart was found gouging out her eyes outside of a church while in a meth-induced state. Kaylee Muthart, 20, said she was originally leading a good life and was going well in school, but as she started drinking and smoking marijuana, she transitioned to harder drugs like meth and ecstasy regularly.

She has now told how - in a drug-addled haze - she thought she had heard God calling on her to make the gruesome "sacrifice".

Kaylee Muthart, 20, was heard screaming outside South Main Chapel and Mercy Centre in SC on February 6.

The horrific meth trip left her permanently blind and in the hospital and psychiatric facility for almost a month. He later said, when he found me, that I was holding my eyeballs in my hands. It was horrifying. Complete terror, ' Tompkins said to PEOPLE. "I'm thankful, it's a frightful thing, but I'm still thankful because God spared her life".

In the wake of the incident, Muthart is working through the feelings that came up during her period of addiction, as well as her relationship to faith.

"I thought everything would end abruptly, and everyone would die, if I didn't tear out my eyes immediately", she said".

'It made the world darker, and took everything I believed in and distorted them to make me go down the path to pulling out my eyes, ' she added.

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She said she felt like she was running out of time to "save the world" and was madly searching for an acquaintance. Her eyes had to go.

"I proceeded to pull my eyes out with my bare hands and twisted them, and pulled them and popped them". She returned home on March 1. But by the following year, she smoked pot she suspects was "laced with either cocaine or meth".

"As we prepare for the long road to getting her situated in her new life we are asking for your help", the page explains.

'Life's more handsome now, life's more handsome than it was being on drugs. It is a terrible world to live in. "Because I could no longer see, I don't know if there was blood".

"But when I was 19 last summer", she told Cosmopolitan, "I was smoking pot with an acquaintance at his house and got a unusual high". I'd always been a religious Christian; the high made me feel particularly close to God.

Doctored believe that the meth that Muthart, above, took may have been laced with another chemical.

It was at this point that her mother, Katy Tompkins, was told she now had a blind daughter. She said: "That was a struggle".

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What happened next has left Muthart completely blind.

Doctors excised the remains of her eyes to preserve her optic nerves and prevent infection, she said.

So far over $25,000 has been raised to help Kaylee resurrect her life.

She was also using ecstasy at the time. She is adjusting to her surroundings but overall she's doing well. As a result she lost the job out of embarrassment over how it made her look.

Then, at her next job, another coworker pressured her to try meth until she finally caved. She was recently released from a psychiatric facility and has vowed to stay clear of drugs. She took a video recording of her behavior on it.

"I'll forget I'm blind sometimes because I know what's around me". Muthart plays guitar and is still able to learn new songs despite losing her sight. She fought so hard that her wrists hurt for weeks.

"I " m able to be Kaylee again. I'd rather be blind and be myself than be Kaylee on drugs, and I truly mean that with my heart.

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