Wayfair launches augmented reality feature for Android

Wayfair launches augmented reality feature for Android

Wayfair launches augmented reality feature for Android

Ikea is one of those retailers, releasing an AR app for iOS last September.

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Basic augmented reality - where digital graphics get overlaid on top of the real world - has been around on phones for a while, but faster processing power and improved cameras mean the tech is now looking more polished than ever. Shipping costs need to be calculated and then you have to determine which box the item will fit inside. eBay realized this is one of the pain points for sellers, so chose to fix it using augmented reality. You can try it out for yourself by updating the eBay app today.

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In addition to the 3D modeling, IKEA Place has a visual search feature that lets you take a picture of any furniture and the app will find let you know which IKEA product it is or if there is something similar that IKEA sells. The app was first available on iOS, but now that ARCore is in place, it can finally get the Android debut we've been waiting for. As with Ikea, the idea is that you can see how furnishings are going to look in your home before you actually buy them - you can easily reposition them and view them from all angles, just by changing your position.

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The tool is built on Google's ARCore platform, which enables high-quality AR experiences on Android, and is created to work in conjunction with the US Postal Service's (USPS) Flat Rate Boxes, which are commonly used by eBay sellers.

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