Watch Tommy Wiseau's Very Strange Audition Tape to Be the Next Joker

Joker Tommy Wiseau

The Room writer director and star Tommy Wiseau has released an audition tape for the role of The Joker through Nerdist

Why so serious, Tommy?

Between touring The Room and promoting James Franco's making-of-The-Room movie, The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau probably hasn't had much time to toss the ol' football around. Given how bad of an actor the guy really is, it was obviously a performance that we'd never get a chance to see, and while I would never want to see Wiseau actually take on the serious role, I would LOVE to see a little bit of what we COULD expect should Wiseau actually take it on.

Now, Nerdist has gotten involved with Wiseau to present his equally hilarious and terrifying audition video for the role of The Joker, channelling Heath Ledger's makeup-smeared look in "The Dark Knight" as he quotes some of the character's greatest lines.

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Greg Sestero, Wiseau's co-star on "The Room" and the author of "The Disaster Artist", even makes a cameo in the video as The Dark Knight himself, doing his best gravely, baritone reading of "I'm Batman".

The Californian band's new clip for "Scary Love" sees Wiseau embroiled in a shoot-out in a late-night diner with a evil cyborg waitress.

Last month, Wiseau threw his hat in the ring after reports surfaced that Phillips was in talks with Joaquin Phoenix for the title role.

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Of course, every Joker needs a Batman, and Wiseau turned to an old friend for the audition.

We were also blown away by how wonderful this audition was, which is why we're formally endorsing Tommy Wiseau as the next Joker.

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