Watch Iris Suit Up As A Speedster On The Flash

6 Things We Want to See When Iris Suits up on'The Flash

Watch Iris Suit Up As A Speedster On The Flash

For the first time, Iris will take on a superhero costume and use her newly obtained super speed to defend Central City.

"I always thought it would be cool for fans and for the show to see her suit up for an episode". The character shared an unusual amount of enthusiasm when meeting the couple but never gave her name. Since then, she's appeared twice on The Flash, each in a scene where she has an awkward encounter with members of Team Flash.

Fans will remember seeing Jessica Parker Kennedy's mystery waitress brief interaction with Barry Allen moments before his wedding.

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We do think that "Run, Iris, Run" was a pretty fun episode with a lot of different twists to it, but ultimately we do think that this was an episode that was most effective when it focused on characters doing everything that they could to better understand each other.

"I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is."
Now that the episode is over and Barry's powers have been restored, star Candice Patton is opening up exclusively to ET about her whirlwind adventures on-set as a speedster, Iris' reignited passions for journalism and what's next for the newlyweds. Some say she might be Barry and Iris' daughter or granddaughter from the future; Dawn Allen.

Also, at the end of the episode Iris started to write again.

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We may learn more about the mystery girl in the coming weeks. In two visits to Jitters, she has crossed paths with Ralph (Hartley Sawyer), Harry (Tom Cavanagh), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Caitlin (Danielle Pakabaker). So far, she has met the members of Team Flash in pairs. All that's left for her to meet is Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

The CW has released a clip from tonight's episode of The Flash season 4, entitled "Run, Iris, Run"; watch it below...

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