Varun Dhawan reveals how he bagged 'October'



He said 'I'm an honest person, this, what you see outside (image) is not me.' I told him to be himself in the film. "So, when a few films of mine did well I thought of approaching him". Not because one actor is doing good in films. When he narrated the film to me and told me why he wants to make the film, I was so moved.

Sircar said, "This film is based on honesty, I couldn't do anything else which I do on other films".

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Actor Varun Dhawan is looking forward to introduce his ' October' co-star Banita Sandhu to everyone and is helping her get ready for her journey in Bollywood.

October promises a unique love story. "When I sign a film, I look at the script more than anything, and how much the maker is putting in the film". In October, Shoojit da, writer Juhi Chaturvedi and every one of our crew members put their heart and soul in it. Dhawan agreed with SRK that creative part of the film should be focused.

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"They cast me before Judwaa 2 and Badrinath (Badrinath ki Dulhania) released". "Dada (Shoojit) asked me what do I do when I wake up". When I look at the work he's doing right now, I forget about everything I've done so far. "It was a very different experience", the 30-year-old actor said.

Co-produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, "October" is set to release on April 13.

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