'Trump seeking to slap steep tariff on Chinese imports', says report

Trump to tour Boeing, host roundtable with Mo. businesses during visit Wednesday

Trump set to visit St. Louis area Wednesday

The presidential administration is also considering limiting the number of Chinese visas and the tightening of control over their results.

Mr Tusk's comments come as the results of a poll targeted for economists conducted by Reuters suggests Mr Trump's tariffs will do more harm than good to the USA economy.

Trump has said that the tariffs are necessary on national security grounds, but European Union trade chief Cecilia Malmstrom insisted this is a ruse: "We suspect that the USA move is effectively not based on security considerations but an economic safeguard measure in disguise". That is not fair.

The head of the National Retail Federation, whose members include department store chains, grocery stores and other merchants around the world, also raised objections to the tariffs Thursday, calling them a tax on all Americans.

The impacts of a trade war are real and potentially ugly. Japan instead proposed filing a joint suit against China within the World Trade Organization framework...

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It is no secret that Mr. Trump's furor is directed primarily at Germany, with its enormous trade surplus of around?250 billion ($310 billion).

Trump's original call for blanket tariffs got the world's attention and reiterated to world leaders that Trump doesn't bluff.

The WTO rules allow countries adversely affected by imports to take certain measures, but they have to prove that the producers of exporting countries unfairly receive subsidies, or that they set lower prices for their exports compared to the same goods sold domestically. If the panel found a violation of a trade agreement had occurred, the panel would then announce what kind of response was proportional for the wronged country to take. For instance, non-tariff barriers were excluded from the original purview of GATT, and have only haltingly been added to discussions under WTO. But the average US consumer also benefited from cheaper import prices for his thousands of electronic gadgets and other goods.

He added: "Although the United States trade balance is very negative with China, more U.S. public companies would be hurt by a trade war with China than would be helped".

Simmering political tensions roiled stocks and bonds across the globe on Wednesday, with USA yield curves continuing to flatten and stock markets closing in the red as industrial companies took a beating. Standing with Trump are workers, left, Vice President Mike Pence, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. WTO and GATT stopped trade wars, but they didn't reset tariffs at a fair level. Yet, when Trump argued that the other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries needed to begin doing their share, they act as if it is Trump who is in the wrong. America's was the only economy standing after WWII. We succeeded in that goal.

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Trump came to office on a promise to shield American workers from imports, and his first action as president was to pull the United States out of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

The U.S. President Donald Trump defended his decision, outlining that the tariffs will help in dealing with overcapacity in the steel industry. If, on the other hand, the United States were to lose, the rhetoric would be "WTO undermines United States national security". The danger is that other countries will likewise abuse what was intended as a narrow exception, and the carefully balanced system that prevents trade wars will fail.

Tom Campbell is a professor of economics and a professor of law at Chapman University.

The EU said it hoped to be exempt from the tariffs, like Canada and Mexico are, or that the issue might be solved in global arbitration at the World Trade Organization. He served on the trade subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee during his five terms in Congress.

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