Set location-based reminders with your voice on Google Home

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Krales The Verge

Long-awaited multi-step routines are just today starting to roll out to users in the USA, as first spotted by Android Police. It will be able to control your smart home devices that are connected to your Assistant and retrieve information for you when you need it. It will adjust smart home devices as before but you can also set this one up to broadcast to all the Google Homes in the house that you've arrived; get location based reminders that you set for "home" and again play music/radio/news/podcasts/audiobooks specified for this Routine.

It's starting pretty small - six basic Routines are rolling out in the USA only "in the next few days" to anyone with a Google Home or third party Assistant device. It's a set of multi-step actions triggered by one command - they're called Scenes in Apple HomeKit, Applets in IFTTT etc. The phrase can be used to set functions such as turn on the lights, adjust the phone volume and thermostats, tell the weather and news, as well as checking your commute, calendar, and reminders among other things. Similarly, the daily recap has been absorbed into the Good morning routine.

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The complete array of the available actions with routines is made available on the Google's routines support page.

Google has announced that it plans to make Google Home's "Routines" feature soon available to everyone. You open the Alexa app on your phone, jump into settings and tap on the device you want to enable this new Follow-Up Mode for (it's off by default, as it should be).

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Google Assistant first came to iOS at I/O 2017 after its launch on Android devices such as Pixel phones. Google Assistant on the iPad works similar to the iPhone with the only differences being the larger screen and support for iPad-only features such as multitasking with a split screen, notes TechCrunch.

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