Schumer: Infrastructure bill will help NY pay for Interstate 81 in Syracuse

For Senate Democrats, voting against the Republican tax cuts that President Donald Trump signed into law wasn't opposition enough.

"During his campaign, President Trump repeatedly promised to invest in infrastructure, but the plan he proposed last month is a disaster that relies on tolls and privatization, and that will foist the bulk of the billions of dollars in costs on already strapped states and cities".

"The plan [by congressional Republicans] just doesn't come close to what America needs", Schumer said.

Democrats want to pay for the infrastructure bill by rolling back some of the tax breaks included in the Republican tax overhaul passed by Congress a year ago.

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"More than 90 percent of American workers have seen more money in their take-home paychecks because of the tax relief law", said Sen.

Schumer said the Republicans' infrastructure proposal "went over like a lead balloon" and he believes there could be a bipartisan compromise.

"Repeal all these bonuses, pay raises, new jobs, and new investments?".

"These tax increases are a complete non-starter and have no chance of passing either chamber", said U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19. Trump's plan only includes $200 billion in federal investment, a quarter of which would be earmarked for rural infrastructure projects.

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"We're very positive about going full steam ahead showing our plan and the contrast with what the Republicans want to do with the money", Mr. Schumer said.

They would reinstate the top income tax rate of 39.6 percent on the highest-earning households, couples earning more than $600,000 a year, up from 37 percent under the GOP tax cuts bill.

Senate Democrats' infrastructure plan redoubles our commitment to Native communities, with major investments to make sure kids in Indian Country have a shot at a good education, that Indian communities receive the same level of care expected in other communities, and to make sure that everyone in Indian Country has a safe roof over their head and basic necessities like electricity and running water. All the revenue from these tax changes must be used for infrastructure funding, according to the Democrats' plan. The corporate tax rate would be bumped up to 25 percent after Republicans slashed the rate from 35 to 21 percent.

They are also proposing to restore the individual alternative minimum tax and the estate tax to 2017 rules. It would also eliminate the so-called carried interest loophole, which was left in place in the GOP bill and allows some investment managers to have their income taxed at lower rates. Fix and replacement of roads and bridges will account for $140 billion; $115 billion for water and sewers; and $50 billion to rebuild schools.

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