Rory Harrison, man accused of reportedly covering up Belfast rape gives testimony

Stuart Olding arrives at Belfast Crown Court

Stuart Olding arrives at Belfast Crown Court

Turning to the evening when his three co-defendants were arrested, Harrison confirmed he sent a text to McIlroy telling him the police had been to his home to take a witness statement, and that Jackson and Olding were at the police station.

Blane McIlroy, who is accused of exposure, has also been a "friend" since school days at Belfast's Methodist College, the court heard.

Mr Duffy asked Mr Harrison if he had seen a rape happen.

He also told him that this "put-up job" was "falling apart at the seams".

Mr Harrison replied: "Yes, I thought that maybe she had been rejected by Paddy".

Mr Hedworth suggested the term specifically means two men penetrating a woman, one orally and one vaginally.

"Has the penny not dropped?"

Harrison replied: "No, I did not".

IRELAND and Ulster centre Stuart Olding has denied it's "complete nonsense" that a student who alleges he raped her "beckoned" him into a bedroom while she was kissing his teammate, Paddy Jackson.

He said: "Oh, what have you two been up to tonight?"

Earlier in the trial, the taxi driver who picked them up gave evidence and said the woman was visibly upset in the vehicle.

He said that the kissing was mutual.

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Mr McIlroy stood up and loosened his pants and he claimed that the woman started performing a sex act on him.

Mr McIlroy said that at no stage did he see Mr Olding in the bedroom. "I thought she had maybe done something and then regretted it".

Her hand was at the base of his penis at the time, he said.

He also denied that he stood at the entrance to the bedroom and masturbated. He went downstairs and asked Rory Harrison, but he did not have any.

Mr Hedworth put it to Mr Olding he was not interested in what the alleged victim wanted to do or was prepared to do.

Mr McIlroy said he went back to the bedroom.

The woman claimed she was raped by behind by Jackson whilst being forced to perform oral sex on Olding. When asked what he meant by that, Harrison said: "I was just aware police seize phones quite often which is pretty inconvenient when you lose all your numbers, all your photos, that sort of stuff".

McIlroy claimed that around 4am, he and Harrison were the only ones left in the living room, as everyone else had either gone home or upstairs.

He later got a text from Mr Harrison, saying the woman was in hysterics. She says Jackson followed her, and pushed her on the bed before raping her.

The men met later that day in Soul Food for breakfast, Belfast Crown Court heard. He was in bed, naked, and half awake.

He said he put his head into another room and saw Mr Olding and a woman asleep on a L-shaped sofa.

"That's how I recall it", said Mr McIlroy.

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Mr Hedworth called this a ridiculous lie. "It will be the best night of your life". Harrison said he speculated "she may have been rejected by Patrick".

It was ordered at 4.26am and the meter started running at 4.28am.

Mr Jackson did not reply to the text. He thought he was going to bed.

When asked why he didn't tell Jackson about the woman's text when the four friends met for lunch that afternoon, Harrison said: "Because I didn't believe it".

Instead, McIlroy made the case that any sexual activity was consensual, and came to an end as he couldn't find a condom. She seemed quiet, and he offered to bring her home.

"What there any attempt to cover-up what had happened", Mr Duffy asked him. In the morning they gave their versions of events to their own counsel.

"No, no, that's not what happened", Mr McIlroy said.

Rory Harrison, 25, from Manse Road in Belfast, who denies withholding information about the alleged rape, began giving evidence at Belfast Crown Court this morning. "It's just stupid behaviour". "It was a foolish comment to make and they obviously weren't".

Asked about this, Harrison said: "My initial reaction was shock, that something had happened she was not consenting to". I have known Patrick since I was eight or nine.

Both Olding and Jackson have pleaded not guilty to the counts of rape and sexual assault, while Harrison also pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice and withholding information relating to the incident.

McIlroy, from Royal Lodge Road in Belfast, has been charged with exposure - a charge he denies. Both men contend the activity was consensual.

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