Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Announced

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Announced

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Announced

This new game allows players to take on the role of an insurgent fighter with the reestablished Red Faction movement as they battle for liberation from the oppressive Earth Defense Force. The so-called Re-Mars-tered edition will feature fully-reworked graphics with improved textures and specular maps, as well as improved shadow rendering and lighting.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is headed to console in Q2 2018.

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Guerrilla, which came out back in 2009 and featured some of the best destruction ever committed to a video game, chronicled the journey of one Alec Mason, as he joining the Red Faction rebel group to drive the tyrannous EDF away from Mars. According to the developer, Red Faction: Guerrilla still defines the limits of destruction-based gameplay with a huge open world, fast-paced combat, and extensive physics-based destruction.

The remastered version of the classic title will also be available on Xbox One X.

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Guerrilla is set in 2125, 50 years after the events of Red Faction. However, if you want to do the game's name justice, you can utilise guerrilla warfare, and strategic tactics to attack EDF strongholds, and permanently alter the game's environment.

The remaster is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the exact launch date to be confirmed.

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