Mario Becomes Your Navigator On Google Maps For Mario Day

Whoa! Google Maps bring'Mario to take you on a ride

Whoa! Google Maps bring'Mario to take you on a ride

For those who grew up on Super Mario or those who've just discovered the joys of playing the game in whatever format, Nintendo and Google have a surprise treat for you if you use Google Maps to navigate your way around your city.

It's in honour of March 10th, or "Mario Day".

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Seriously though, it's a fun nifty feature, and in this period between Pokemon Go! and whatever immersive Kirby game takes over your mobiles next, this will put Nintendo characters back on your screen, where they damn well belong. The option to switch to Mario will be available to drivers for a week. From there, just click "Let's-a go!" and it's Mario time. For one week, in celebration of your favorite plumber's special MAR10 Day (that's March 10 if you didn't catch it), you'll be able to bring him along on your driving adventures, whether it's your daily drive to work or navigating around an unfamiliar place.

The Japanese game company is now working on "Mario Kart Tour", the first time the series will appear on smartphones. By the "start navigation" button you'll find a question mark box as made famous by Mario's games. This is not the first quirky update to Google Maps that has been implemented, with figures such as Pac-Man roaming the streets, the Loch Ness becoming a traveling companion and the launch of an 8-bit version of Google Maps for April Fool's Day, also in collaboration with Nintendo.

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Activate it by clicking the question mark block in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

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