Latest India, Pakistan spat: India alleges mistreatment of envoys

Ties between India and Pakistan have been particularly strained over the last few months over increased ceasefire violations across the Line of Control and the treatment meted out to an Indian prisoner in Pakistan Kulbhushan Jadhav

Latest India, Pakistan spat: India alleges mistreatment of envoys

Further, the Islamabad Club, otherwise open to all diplomats, has denied membership to Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria and other Indian diplomats. The members of Pakistan's diplomatic staff have allegedly been abused in public and a number of these vehicles have been involved in accidents.

Sources said harassment was the new normal for Indian High Commission personnel in Islamabad.

"More troublingly, over the last few months, several High Commission staff have been severely harassed and intimidated".

On the issue of India's residential project in Islamabad, sources said Pakistan had denied visas to Indian companies involved in the construction.

"On the way both cars continuously obstructed, harassed and stopped the driver and this continued for nearly 20 minutes".

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According to Dawn, a demarche was made to mthe Indian High Commission in Islamabad and external affairs ministry in Delhi.

Sources added adding that "in view of such an atmosphere of intimidation, most families have returned to India and children have been withdrawn from schools". While Pakistan has now issued a demarche to India saying it was becoming hard for its diplomats to function in Delhi, sources here said the present round of hostility was initiated by an ISI raid on a residential complex under construction for Indian diplomats in Islamabad.

India will investigate Pakistan's allegation of harassment of its diplomats here, sources said on Sunday. Moreover, they said, there has been an undue delay by the Pakistan government in providing clearances for the complex.

Meanwhile, unidentified diplomats told The Indian Express that Pakistani agencies had recently stopped Bisaria's auto in the middle of a busy road to prevent him from attending a lunch the Bohra community had hosted in Karachi.

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"The Pakistan High Commission has brought to MEA's notice some incidents of alleged harassment over the last few days".

"It is becoming hard for the Pakistani diplomats posted in India to keep their families with them due to an increase in harassment incidents", the source said. "But unfortunately, this can not be said of Islamabad", said sources.

The Indian response came hours after Pakistani media reported that Pakistan's diplomats stationed here were facing harassment on a daily basis. In one case, an official's home was broken into and laptop stolen.

According to sources, aggressive surveillance, violation of physical space and tailing of officers in risky proximity has become a "perennial issue". Agency personnel keep shooting videos of the officers thrusting phones on their faces. They said that all decisions about missions are taken on the basis of reciprocity. The main contractor, who is responsible for maintenance of the chancery, is said to have been threatened by Pakistani officials.

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