Kiss From Katy Perry Made "American Idol" Contestant "Uncomfortable"

039;American Idol' Contestant Benjamin Glaze Is Sad That His First Kiss Was with Katy Perry

Kiss From Katy Perry Made "American Idol" Contestant "Uncomfortable"

"I was a tad bit uncomfortable", Glaze told the New York Times. Mr. Glaze said that he had not. "I wanted to save it for my first relationship". (One of Perry's early hits was "I Kissed a Girl.") Glaze responded that he hadn't and didn't plan to until he was attached.

The judges celebrated and high-fived one another, and Bryan asked Perry, "Did you get him?"

Perry, 33, wasn't having that, insisting Glaze walk over to the judges' table - which he did, tentatively - so she could give him a smooch. The singer took a fall while dancing during a contestant's audition and exposed what was underneath her dress. He quickly touched his face to her cheek. He agreed to kiss Katy on the cheek, but after Benjamin "didn't even make the "smush" sound", she coaxed him into doing it again, but this time she turned her head at the last second to kiss him on the mouth. "You didn't!" Ms. Perry raised her arms in victory. As he stood poised with his guitar, the judges asked Glaze what he did for a living.

The kiss did result in his getting more screen time, which has helped draw attention to his music. However, "I'm glad she did it because it's a great opportunity to get my music out".

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When he returned home, Mr. Glaze worked through his feelings about the kiss by talking to his friends.

Months later - and in the wake of movements like #MeToo - Glaze says he doesn't feel he was sexually harassed by Perry, and has rationalized the kiss by determining it didn't actually count. "It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about".

The show's producers embraced the footage, using it in televised promos and on social media.

Katy Perry kissed an "American Idol" contestant ― and he didn't like it.

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"This journey has just begun, Benjamin".

Do YOU think Katy crossed the line by kissing the contestant? "That's what a real first kiss is".

Another user thought that the kiss may have disrespected Glaze's religious convictions. And many other viewers mirrored the sentiment of one fan, who wrote, "Lucky son of a gun".

ABC declined to comment on the matter.

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