Google Maps gets new improvements regarding searching for Indian addresses

Google Maps introduces voice navigation in 6 Indian languages'add an address feature

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These Plus codes can come in handy for a wide variety of reasons for instance- while communicating the venue of a temporary event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations, or providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses.In an another step aimed at facilitating accurate and easy searching on Maps, Google has introduced an "Add an Address" feature.

For those needing more precision, an additional, optional character can be used to improve accuracy to roughly 3 x 3 meters - above the size of a small auto, points Google.

Plus codes work in places that haven't been mapped. To use this option, Go into the Google Maps app [search for a location (say, Karol Bagh)] Add a Missing Place House or Apartment. This code is in a "6-character + City" format which is generated when a user drops a pin on Google Maps.

India has over 300 million smartphone users, we are sending probes to the Moon and Mars, and our economy is only behind USA and China in terms of scale.

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A land of multicultural and multilingual country with so many divergent locations, it is indeed a remarkable step that redefines use of technology.

In Google Maps, open the "More Info" page of any place, restaurant, building, etc. Scroll down to find the plus code for the location.

Once you get the Plus Code, you can share it with your friend or a delivery guy to reach you at the correct address.

To use a Plus Code, one needs to enter it into the Search field on Google or Google Maps, mobile or desktop.

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Each code uses these two parts to locate a larger region and then find the precise location within that region.

How will Plus Code change the way we navigate? A unique code is assigned to each of the tiles. Some addresses are well defined by street names and house numbers are easy to find, others can be long-winded and hard to locate. Being able to precisely navigate without local knowledge is hard.

Now that you have the Google Plus Code of the location, you can share it with anybody directly. Google is also adding voice navigation search in India in six additional languages - Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam - on the Android app. In a bid to simplify and make this more efficient Google now offers the Plus Codes.

"This is an innovative approach to providing the best estimate of the location of an address: when people aren't aware of an exact address, they just don't give up but try to refer other information such as a nearby landmark, business or a locality to get closer to the final destination". After Google ensures that the address is searchable, the addition will be confirmed. Prior to this, it has brought such innovation for their users such as Google brought exceptional feature on its map for celebrating the release of Star Wars and Force Awakens.

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