Google honours British chemist Perkin with sketch doodle on his 180th birthday

Google Doodle Remembers British Chemist Sir William Henry Perkin

Google Doodle celebrates the 180th birthday of Sir William Henry Perkin who accidentally invented the first synthetic dye

Sir William Henry Perkin transformed the colours of the world by stumbling across the first ever synthetic dye, which had huge repercussions for the world of fashion.

During the rest of his life Perkin manufactured other synthetic dyes including Britannia Violet and Perkin's Green, as well as discovering the first synthetic perfume chemical coumarine. Born in England on March 12, 1838, Perkin was 18 when he quite accidentally discovered the mauveine while cleaning a dark much from a beaker after a failed experiment. German chemist August von Hofmann recognised Perkin's ability and made him his assistant.

The Doodle shows Sir William Henry Perkin with a bottle of the purple dye on the right of the Doodle, as the letters of the word Google flow through what appear to be men and women from the 19th century wearing clothes dyed in the colour.

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Today, on what would have been his 180th birthday, Google is celebrating this discovery with a beautifully colourful Google Doodle.

According to the Google, after the discovery, "he focused on the patenting, manufacturing, and commercialization of this purple dye, which he named "mauveine".

The discovery of mauveine came at the time when textile industry was at a high. Queen Victoria is said to have worn a mauveine-dyed gown to the Royal Exhibition of 1862.

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However, during the Easter of 1856, when Perkin returned to his home in Cable Street in the East End, his own experiments in his laboratory created something very different.

The Perkin Medal was established in 1906 to honour the 50th anniversary of the discovery of mauvine.

Sir William Henry Perkin passed away in 1907 after suffering from pneumonia and is buried in Harrow. His three sons all became chemists.

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