Epic to Host #PartyRoyale at E3 in June

It also helps that people enjoy watching it played, and recently the Fortnite veteran Ninja played a couple of matches with the rapper Drake to smash the record for the biggest ever concurrent audience on Twitch, with an astonishing 600,000 active viewers.

Popular pro gamer Ninja (Tyler Blevin) on March 14 broke the record for the most-viewed stream by a single player on Twitch.

Neither Epic or Twitch paid Drake or Ninja for last night's stream.

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And now Fortnite makers Epic Games have revealed their own plans for a celebrity-filled stream.

Join us this E3 for the ultimate Fortnite Party Royale, pairing some of the world's greatest athletes and entertainers with top Fortnite Battle Royale players from across the globe. Regardless, information on who will be part of the teams taking place in the event will be announced eventually, but until then go wild with your insane ideas on who could be potentially going up against your favorite Fortnite pros in order to earn some serious bragging rights. The publisher may save the game's launch until around E3 time, so that it celebrate its all-star Victory Royale in the same shot.

In other Fortnite news this week, Fortnite Mobile on iOS went live yesterday after sign-up began earlier this week.

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Epic Games hasn't given a release date for the game on mobile just yet, but considering it's in an almost-finished state at this point, we'd be surprised if we weren't playing the game by summer.

Players will get sent an email with the official download link included, which will give the option of grabbing the App. The announcement was made on the Fortnite site with the promise of more details to come soon. The game is also available on iOS but an invitation from Epic Games or a friend is needed to gain access.

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