'Elsa' pushes Boston police vehicle out of snowbank

'Elsa' pushes Boston police vehicle out of snowbank

'Elsa' pushes Boston police vehicle out of snowbank

A Boston lawyer became a local hero on Tuesday night when he single-handedly rescued a police van from a bed of snow - while dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. That secret may be that Elsa is good at pushing police vehicles out of the snow in Boston. She directed the wagon backward and forward, and even bent down to clear some snow away from a tire with her hands.

"That's what makes it really fun", Haynes said. "It turns out I was correct, it is really amusing to walk around Boston in an "Elsa" costume during a snowstorm".

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"My neighborhood is a little colorful so I didn't think too much of it", Haynes said.

In typical "who, me?" humility expected of an officer of the court, Triplett did the deed on camera - while dressed as Princess Elsa from the film Frozen. The heroic princess then curtseys in the street toward the bar as the video ends.

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Bar patrons whoop and holler for Elsa, identified by the Boston Globe as Jason Triplett, 37, a lawyer who told the Globe he bought the costume past year and wore it to the bar as a gag.

People inside the bar can be heard cheering "Elsa" on as the van is pushed out of the snow and back on the road. The video of the incident went viral on social media soon after it was posted on Tuesday. "But Elsa had it taken care of, clearly".

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