Bose's AR glasses will have the ability to hear

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Bose has announced a pair of augmented reality-based smart glasses but the company is taking a different direction

The platform will be the world's first audio AR platform in which a user is able to use glasses to hear sound.

While Augmented Reality has been restricted to visual overlays, games and other visual applications, Bose, a company better associated with making headphones, seems to think a little out of the box.

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Talking about the platform itself the company stated, "Bose AR is a platform, which means others can develop both apps for music, travel and education, among others - as well as wearables, including headphones, glasses and helmets". We have seen AR Glasses from the likes of Google in the past that have not succeeded as they raised security and privacy issues.

That being said, Bose's AR glasses aren't for sale to the public. Bose AR glasses are also created to connect to your device via Bluetooth, so you can use the glasses to access Google Assistant or take phone calls.

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The Bose AR glasses are not almost the finished product, but this product will purportedly tell you information about objects in the real world that you are looking at. Unlike the Sony product, these sunglasses are being primarily focussed at AR rather than audio that can also do AR. A new technology developed for the glasses ensures that the audio is audible only to the listener wearing the glasses, and the acoustic packages fit inside the arms of the glasses.

The glasses are backed by the Bose AR platform that comes with a singular goal of improving daily life by providing relevant information. The location data is sent to Bose AR-enabled app that uses the information to send back relevant, real-time content back to the glasses which the wearer can then listen to. The company will also be launching its own Bose AR SDK and setting up a fund of $50 million to help invest in companies or developers who are looking to leverage the SDK into building something. The glasses will simulate historic events at landmarks, play speeches of a historical figure whose statue you may be looking at, or even tell you which way the departure gate is while checking in at an airport.

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In a statement, John Gordon, vice president of the Consumer Electronics Division at Bose, explained that the company's new technology is aware of the way the wearer is facing and is capable of immediately connecting "that place and time with endless possibilities for travel, learning, music and more".

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