Marvel Studios BLACK PANTHER..L to R Ayo and Okoye..Ph Film Frame

Marvel Studios BLACK PANTHER..L to R Ayo and Okoye..Ph Film Frame

X-Men, and Wakanda Forever: Avengers, the Dora Milaje will team up with some new allies as they investigate a threat to Wakandan national security in New York City. This week, Marvel announced that the characters will get their own arc in a three-part comic series, Wakanda Forever, which will be written by Black Panther: Long Live the King and Binti trilogyauthor Nnedi Okorafor.

"Typically when you see them, they're with T'Challa, representing and protecting him", Okorafor said.

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One of the major highlights of Black Panther was the Dora Milaje, the all-female special forces team that protects the secretive fictional African country of Wakanda. "Fans of the Dora Milaje can look forward to seeing them out in the world beyond T'Challa and the Wakandan throne's shadow. I like to write the future; the Africa I feel can be and the Africa that will be, that has always been my vision, and with Wakanda, a place set in the present but with a futuristic outlook, it wasn't a hard transition-it made a lot of sense".

Okorafor is grateful that comic books welcome collaboration, in this case with series artists Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque and Terry Dodson. "Oh heck yeah, I'm so there", shared Okorafor.

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Okorafor made her Marvel debut past year as one of the high-profile writers assigned to Black Panther: Long Live The King - a lineup that also included Creed screenwriter Aaron Covington.

The difference? Aside from a limited (rather than ongoing) series for the Dora, it could be argued that Wakandan characters - and the title "Wakanda Forever" - are much more powerful and popular following in the wake of the wildly popular movie than ever before.

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In a moment Okorafor said was "coming for a long time", the first issue arrives in June, followed by X-Men: Wakanda Forever in July and Avengers: Wakanda Forever in August. "You feel that you can relate to these characters, and feel they are real, not just iconic, but also human".

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