Are Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa really getting a Divorce?

Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump

He’s Never There:’ Trump Jr. Vanessa Bound for Divorce Friends Claim

Citing multiple sources, Page Six reports that the couple plans to file soon.

Another source indicated that Don Jr. being busy running the Trump Organization with his brother Eric may have contributed to the couple's issues.

Believe it or not, there's at least one member of the Trump family who isn't impervious to public scrutiny - which is bad news for Donald Trump Jr.

According to the sources, Donald rarely at home thanks to his extremely busy work schedule which takes him around the globe. Vanessa is a devoted mother, but she is increasingly lonely and alone in the house with the children, said one of the sources.

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He was found to have liked a tweet that linked antidepressants to mass murder and another tweet which attacked one of the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Vanessa Trump was working as a model and actress when she and Donald Trump Jr. met.

An insider noted, "She is also anxious for her kids, particularly after she received the threatening letter containing the white powder".

It left Vanessa feeling nauseous and requiring hospitalization, but the powder was later determined to be corn starch. The New York Police Department later confirmed that the powder wasn't hazardous, but according to Page Six, "it was terrifying for Vanessa, who is naturally anxious for the safety of her children".

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Meanwhile, another source close to the couple told the publication that they do have issues but not to the point of filing for a divorce.

When it comes down to it, being exposed to a father who has had three divorces, has been accused of various sexual deviancies, and who also spent much time away from his family, why would Donald Trump any different?

In addition, the same source confirmed that Donald, Jr.

But the sources said the problems go beyond Don Jr.'s disappearing act. Don Jr. was also said to "have changed recently, and friends are concerned about him".

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However, the source also added, "While they are not legally separated, I can not deny there are issues, there are a lot of intricate things that go on in a marriage". They are trying to deal with this privately... "This has nothing to do with politics, this is a personal matter between two people", the source added.

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