Apple to ditch notch design for 2019 iPhones

Apple may ditch notched screen for iPhone next year

Tech Talk: The Apple X Notch On Android Phones?

There have been several rumours of the phone suggesting that phone could be codenamed as "Judy" or 'LG Neo.' Now a new report hints that the rumoured LG G7 will come with an iPhone X-like notch.

The iPhone 9 will be cheaper than the iPhone X, and that's because it will not have a glass casing, wireless charging, dual camera, stainless steel structure, and, apparently, not even a 3D Touch under the screen. Apple wanted to build a bezel-less smartphone, but it couldn't figure out how to hide the front camera, dot projector, infra-red sensor, speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor, and the proximity sensor.

Apple may be preparing to remove its controversial notch design from the iPhones released in 2019.

Apple may ditch notched screen for iPhone next year

'It seems that Apple is planning to implement [a] full-screen that is more complete in its new iPhones, ' they added. It comes with a small bezel "chin" at the bottom of the display and the notch accommodates camera and other sensors.

Apple had introduced its 10 anniversary iPhone - the iPhone X with much hype previous year.

Ideas being thrown around include drilling sensor holes in the display, a design Samsung already filed a patent for, and the use of Black Matrix areas within the display. Share us your views by posting your comments below.

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Still, not everyone was perturbed by the notch, with some saying that it was a radical design that made way for the phone's futuristic all-screen design.

On the contrary, there have been many companies that are applying notch design to their Smartphones.

The latest reports also align with the previously leaked specifications of the LG Neo (earlier referred as LG G7). On the left side we see the phone with the original battery while the one on the right has a new one. The notch-fever is taking up the smartphone world.

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Last month, Apple informed developers that all apps submitted to the App Store will have to support the iPhone X's contentious notch design. As far as 2018 iPhones are concerned, the Cupertino company is expected to release two OLED iPhones with screen sizes of 5.8-inch and 6.46-inch.

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