Surya Grahan 2018: Dates and time of first solar eclipse of 2018

A solar eclipse is seen from the beach of Ternate island Indonesia


On February 15, South America and Antarctica will observe the partial solar eclipse.

The super blue blood moon is considered as a rare and special event because one can see a supermoon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse at the same time during this celestial event. According to the reports, this partial solar eclipse will last for close to 2 hours. However, the Indian hemisphere will not be able to witness this one. On July 13, partial eclipse will be visible in Australia and Antarctica, and on 11 August the eclipse will appear in Northern Europe and parts of East Asia.

When the moon passes from the orbit between the sun and the earth, the moon's shadow appears over the sun. In the complete solar eclipse, the moon covers the sun completely, so that the sun's light does not reach the Earth.

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Here's everything you need to know about the partial solar eclipse: This event occurs when our natural satellite, the moon, blocks part of the sun. It is very risky to watch solar eclipses through naked eyes as it can damage eyes. When the eclipse or transit season first starts, they don't last very long, the one captured on February 11 lasted 31 minutes. It can even go unnoticed.

He said: "The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers". According to Wright, the last partial solar eclipse occurred on September 13, 2015. It will start at 5.43pm local time UTC and end by 7.34pm in the Antarctica Peninsula. Gazers can choose a pinhole camera as well to see the event.

When are the next solar eclipses in 2018?

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August 11 is the date of the last solar eclipse of 2018.

According to the guidelines set by NASA, one should avoid looking at the sun directly/with the naked eye.

The entire eclipse will be visible from northern Europe, northern Asia and parts of eastern Asia - and for this one the United Kingdom will enjoy a partial eclipse, starting at 6.14pm on July 27.

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