Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist

Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist

Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist

After the abrupt shuttering of the site, local jazz artist Aaron Meyers attempted to keep the blog alive by launching DCist Now, but ran into trouble over the name of the blog.

Dobkin told Wired that they're still looking for additional local radio stations to take over other Gothamist sites like Chicagoist and SFist.

As Wired first reported, WNYC has acquired the assets of the two sites, so their archives will remain online in perpetuity.

Even better, Gothamist will begin publishing new stories this spring.

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Gothamist was founded by Jake Dobkin and Jen Chang and sold to Ricketts only about a month before he pulled the plug on the sites and DNAinfo.

A former Gothamist employee who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were not aware of the deal to revive the alternative websites, but are interested to know if the radio stations will honor the union efforts employees took in NY.

Gothamist sister sites DCist and LAist will also publish again.

Public radio stations in Los Angeles, Washington and NY and two anonymous donors will revive three websites formerly part of the Gothamist Network, abruptly closed this past fall by their billionaire owner. Two anonymous donors have provided funds for the deal, though the amount hasn't been disclosed.

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In November Joe Ricketts, who founded the online stock brokerage TD Ameritrade and whose family also owns the Chicago Cubs, abruptly shut down the local news sites one week after staff in the NY bureau voted to unionize. But the move came just a week after workers at its NY outlets voted to unionize.

The staffs of DNAinfo and Gothamist are members of the WGA, while WNYC's employees are part of SAG-AFTRA. "That resonates with us at WNYC, where we are committed to telling stories rooted in New York and that matter to New Yorkers", New York Public Radio president and CEO Laura Walker said.

The news is a rare bright spot for local media, which has struggled in recent years with the erosion of print revenue and the rise of platforms like Google and Facebook, which have captured an ever-larger share of local digital advertising.

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