IBoot Source Code for iPhone Leaked

IBoot Source Code for iPhone Leaked

IBoot Source Code for iPhone Leaked

As per a Motherboard report, the source code of an important part of Apple's iOS operating system has leaked.

The code leaked onto GitHub claims to be designed for iOS 9 but parts of it are likely to be found in iOS 11, making the leak potentially unsafe to Apple's mobile software.

The source code for one of the most secretive parts of the iPhone's operating system appears to have been leaked online.

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Having access to such source code is one way for security researchers to find flaws in source code and report any bugs they might throw up that could be exploited by hackers.

Jonathan Levin, an author who penned a book series on iOS and Mac OS X, told Motherboard, "This is the biggest leak in history". Levin and other security researchers believe the code is the real deal. It also contains the bootrom source code for certain devices. Security researchers will be able to use it to find vulnerabilities which could compromise a device or possibly contribute to a jailbreak. Motherboard describes it as "like the iPhone's BIOS". Apple offers up to $200,000 (1 crore) for bugs found through its bounty program. That's is the max payment the program offers, as a report past year indicated.

A leaker has managed to smuggle the source code for iOS' iBoot software out to the public.

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Though iPhone users are not at immediate risk following the leak, security experts have warned that hackers could develop ways to recreate the code and alter it for their own malicious purposes in the future.

A link to the source code became viral last night on Twitter, and drew Apple's attention, prompting the company to send a DMCA request to GitHub to take down the repository.

In spite of Apple receiving numerous requests for comment from news organizations, including us, Apple has been quiet on the incident, not wanting to admit to the code's origin.

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