Hungary is last front against 'Islamization' of Europe, prime minister says

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban positioned himself as the savior of christian Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban positioned himself as the savior of christian Europe

"Christianity is Europe's last hope", Orbán said during his annual state of the nation speech, according to Reuters.

"Born Germans are being forced back from most large German cities, as migrants always occupy big cities first... If all this continues, in the big cities of Europe there will be a Muslim majority", he said.

Mr Borisov will try to diffuse tensions but his job was made a whole lot harder yesterday when Mr Orban delivered a fiery speech which raged against Brussels and warned of "dark clouds gathering" as he claimed his country was the last bastion in the fight against the "Islamisation" of Europe.

He referred to western Europe as an "immigrant zone, a mixed population world that heads in a direction different from ours' and claimed that migration, especially from Africa would see "our worst nightmares come true".

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He lashed out against the politicians of western Europe: "Although we are safe from the south, we are menaced from the West, namely by Brussels, Berlin and Paris politicians, who want our country to adopt their policy..."

"We will not remain silent and watch the execution of the Soros Plan: if need be, we will make use of stronger legal tools", continued Orbán, highlighting the "Stop Soros" legislative package his government presented to parliament last week, which could see open borders NGOs assisting illegal migration taxed to provide funds for border protection.

This was a reference to the Hungarian-born United States financier George Soros, whose philanthropy is seen as aimed at backing liberal and open-border values.

Following the elections, Orban hopes to take the post of Prime Minister for the third time.

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The right-wing Hungarian leader, who has been accused of being racist, advocated "ethnic homogeneity" and compared Soros, a Jew, to a puppet master unleashing immigration onto Europe to undermine its cultural and economic integrity.

The 54-year old cemented his anti-migrant credentials in 2015, when, at the height of the migration crisis, he built a double barbed wire fence along Hungary's border with Serbia and Croatia. We are not alone...

"Soros has antagonised not only us but also England, President Trump and Israel too... They want us to accept migrants and have a mixed population", the PM told the crowd and promised to "fight" the European Union on the issue. He added: 'This is the way things are to go. We have to say no, our country is not free to become a Muslim state'.

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