YouTube hasn't shut the door on working with Logan Paul

YouTube hasn't shut the door on working with Logan Paul

YouTube hasn't shut the door on working with Logan Paul

As expected, YouTube took action to penalize Logan Paul for the gruesome suicide video.

"Plus he's left video evidence, on his own YouTube channel", said a former police detective, according to the Daily Beast.

As a result of the YouTube action, Logan Paul is losing access to Google's premium ad program. Daniels announced changes to those guidelines in December to the company that will further protect the YouTube creative community and the service's relationships with advertisers who don't want to be tied to videos like Paul's "misstep". Just a day after YouTube announced it will cut business ties with the 22-year-old, French digital media company Blackpills, which had a deal with LP, also said goodbye.

This is not the first major punishment YouTube has served.

YouTube is issuing his channel a "strike".

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YouTube also added that it will share more information soon on the measures it plans to implement to ensure that such an appalling YouTube video never makes rounds again.

While YouTube cast its net far and wide with new content regulations introduced a year ago after the, now the company seems to want to zero in on the most popular channels as their videos typically get the most views.

"Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views".

YouTube said the images violated its policies.

However, Paul took it upon himself to step away from publishing videos for some time.

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Paul is a popular YouTube vlogger, who is known for his many adventures. Even as the Logan Paul controversy continues, other YouTubers are uploading videos highlighting live, illegal activities (trespassing and breaking and entering) on the service without any outcome whatsoever.

"We expect more of the creators who build their community on, as we're sure you do too".

Eric Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Open Influence, an influencer marketing firm that works with brands like Coca Cola and BMW, says the controversy has woken up YouTube to the havoc that the missteps of one of its top content creators can wreak on its global brand.

YouTube was criticised for moving slowly in response, taking almost two weeks to take action.

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