White House asks to screen 'The Post'

Meryl Streep Wasn’t the Only Female Power Player Who Brought ‘The Post’ to Life

White House asks to screen 'The Post'

And just as Phil Alden Robinson turned a baseball diamond in Iowa into something of a shrine in "Field of Dreams", Spielberg shoots the Washington Post newsroom and the printing presses of the early 1970s with romanticized accuracy. Spielberg's movie is also a tale of feminism. As a movie, "The Post" is engrossing and enjoyable, if falling slightly short of "All the President's Men" and "Spotlight". "And the courage it takes to keep the First Amendment rights preserved and to respect the free press and keep it free", he said.

I'm talking about Nixon.

In this case, we're shoved into Richard Nixon's America, a time that was considered to be the peak of Presidential corruption until, you know, now.

Spielberg splits the story into two major threads. "And it's weird. A lot of younger people don't believe me when I say that". But then the Nixon Administration got a judge to bar the Times from publishing the leaked documents, and the Post found its opening: Having procured the Papers themselves, they could publish in the Times' stead - at the risk of Bradlee and Graham landing in prison.

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The Post is a film that is going to be relevant during awards season. Her best scenes come opposite the terrific Greenwood, who's playing Graham's close friend and confidant McNamara (and helps to nod at some of the conspiracy theories surrounding Graham's government ties), as she's pretty much forced to betray him in order to do what she thinks is right. At the time, she was unsure of her abilities to run the company, and she often grew flustered in the presence of the all-male board of directors (led by Bradley Whitford's smug Arthur Parsons), who didn't even bother to contain their desire to push her aside. With help from editor Ben Bradlee, Graham races to catch up with The New York Times to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spans three decades and four US presidents.

This could make for some interesting viewing: The White House may be screening the movie "The Post", whose stars are huge critics of President Trump and whose message is seen as a rebuke to the president's attacks on the media.

Bradlee also offered something of a confession to Wallace. So much gossip. You don't know anything.

In "The Post", Bradlee is played by Tom Hanks, but he is appropriately sidelined by Streep's Graham, because of course Ben Bradlee would put it all on the line to get a story - that's literally his job.

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Though Graham would later be known as the Iron Lady, the woman Streep portrays is far from that; there's a heartbreaking moment in a meeting where she's too nervous to speak up and the camera lingers on her dejected face, on which we read that she's all too aware of her own failure.

For me personally, this movie proved to be a strong reminder of why I am a journalist.

It's predictable as Cooper's movies tend to be, but, as acknowledged, he is a capable director, and Hostiles overflows with handsome vistas, solid character performances (not just from Bale and Studi, but Rosamund Pike and Rory Cochrane) and visceral gunfights.

Hanks's firm work on Bradlee's certainty and impatience does provide a great foil for her; he's tougher, surer but never cruel, pushing hard but held in check by the truth that she's the boss.

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