What You Need to Know About This Disturbing Logan Paul Controversy

Logan Paul was forced to apologise for filming a corpse hanging from a tree in Japan

Logan Paul was forced to apologise for filming a corpse hanging from a tree in Japan Mike Blake Reuters

Logan Paul shot the video in Japan's infamous Aokigahara, or what is most popularly known as "suicide forest" due to it being the site of hundreds of suicides.

Paul earlier promoted it on his Twitter account at the weekend as "the craziest and most real video I've ever uploaded".

Paul deleted the video on Monday after it caused a social media backlash. "I am simply here to apologise", Paul said in a YouTube video titled So Sorry.

The video showed Logan Paul and friends discovering the body in the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji, known to be a frequent site of suicides. It sucks when you get the phone call, informing you that they're gone, it sucks when you spend night-after-night unable to sleep, constantly thinking about how you could've - and should've - done more to help them, and it sucks seeing the person who found their body, crumble in front of your eyes.

The video, which has since been removed from YouTube but is available elsewhere online, begins with Mr. Paul warning viewers that the following footage will be graphic.

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Paul also promised to be better, and urged fans not to defend his actions.

The situation came to a head after Logan shared a video depicting the body of an alleged suicide victim with his 15 million subscribers.

Logan Paul has apologized following the huge backlash he has received with his recent video.

The vlogger, who goes by the name Reina Scully, posted a video citing Paul's past disrespect of Japanese people and explaining why his clip, which showed him laughing near the unidentified body, was so offensive. That was weird. If you don't know what I'm talking about guys we found a dead body hanging in the Japanese suicide forest.

Logan claims that his intention behind the video was to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention, rather than exploit it.

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Suicide should never be made light of or exploited.

YouTube, for its part, issued a statement on the video late Tuesday, saying, "Our hearts go out to the family of the person featured in the video".

He said in a statement posted to Twitter that it is easy to get caught up in the moment without "fully weighing the possible ramifications" and that he had handled his popularity "incorrectly". "Please don't. I do not deserve to be defended". The YouTuber's sensationalized video was also criticized for seeming to mock those who have died by suicide.

"For children who have lost a parent, sibling or loved one to suicide, their pain has been made into a joke", she said.

"We partner with safety groups such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide educational resources that are incorporated in our YouTube Safety Centre".

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People from all over the world voiced their opinions on the video through social media.

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