What Grade Would You Give President Trump?

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Trump: Durbin 'misrepresented' immigration comments

Almost six in 10 respondents, 59 percent, said they think Trump doesn't respect people of color as much as he respects white people, according to the Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

According to the recent approval rating survey conducted by Gallup, Trump's approval rating went down further to 37 percent, two points down from his approval rating in December.

Trump's current approval rating in Gallup's weekly poll is comparable to his average rating, standing at just 38 percent, with 57 percent saying they disapprove.

"MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the mainstream media neglecting to cover the booming stock market news while opting instead to cover Trump's dwindling poll numbers.

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The poll was taken before President Trump attacked the U.S. Postal Service's contract with Amazon.com in a tweet on December 29, saying the retail giant should pay more in postage.

In report card form, 35 percent of those surveyed give the president an F on his first year, compared with 34 percent who award him an A or B. Another 14 percent choose C and 11 percent pick D. With a president this unpopular, it will be a steep uphill climb for the Republicans to hold on.

And positive ratings for Trump's handling of the economy have tended to run higher than his overall job ratings.

White voters say 51-43 percent that he is stable, while black voters drastically disagree at 71-15 percent. On the other hand, 18 percent of voters would give him an "A", while 17 percent would give him a "B".

Chrissy Teigen hosts the fake Fake News Awards for President Trump
McCain cited a recent Committee to Protect Journalists report , noting that 2017 saw a rise in attacks on journalists worldwide. This alone should be a source of great shame for us in this body, especially for those of us in the president's party.

Health care has been a consistent low point.

The December 12 national poll found American voters have few kind words for Trump; expel Moore if he wins, voters say nearly 2-1.

Eighty percent of Democrats said the president isn't stable, independents are divided on the question and 89 percent of Republicans said that the president is stable, according to the poll.

The January 17 national poll found US voters split on whether Trump is stable; president is dividing the nation, voters say 2-1. Almost two-thirds said that the president is doing more to divide the USA than unite Americans.

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In May Zinke suspended the work of more than 200 advisory boards , committees and subcommittees, pending a department-wide review. As of this writing, the biographies of Knowles and his fellow resigning board members are still up on the NPS website .

It shows that opinions of Trump are baked in - also demonstrated by this August poll showing that 6-in-10 people who approve Trump said they can't think of anything Trump can do to make them stop approving of his job performance.

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