U.S. forces kill 13 Shabaab militants in air strike

Other clips include satellite shots of fireballs hurtling towards Europe and hitting London Lyon and Belgium Spain and Italy

Other clips include satellite shots of fireballs hurtling towards Europe and hitting London Lyon and Belgium Spain and Italy

The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) on Wednesday said 13 fighters from the al-Shabaab insurgent group were killed in an airstrike in Southern Somalia led by the military.

But as the US steps up its involvement in the region, the African Union is drawing down its forces.

Somalia security forces have been conducting intensive security operations against the Somali militant group, Al Shabaab with the support of the USA forces who increased the airstrikes against the militants.

"I think we are hopeful, and I think the global community is also hopeful about Somalia".

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The fighters are based in northern Somalia's rural Puntland.

Attendees at this conference were encouraged by the progress made by the Federal Government of Somalia and worldwide partners since the conference held in London. The groups are kept at bay by troops serving with the Somali National Security Forces and the African Union Mission in Somalia.

In October, the worst terrorist bombing in the country's history, blamed on the terrorist group al-Shabab, killed more than 500 people at one of Mogadishu's busiest intersections.

Militant fighters in Somalia affiliated with the Islamic State have called for attacks over the holiday season, in what's believed to be their first propaganda video.

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Together with other worldwide partners, the United States is committed to providing Somali, AMISOM and SNSF with support in the fight against violent extremist organizations. These non-governmental organizations, vital to the well-being of the Somali citizens, have been terrorized and robbed by al Shabaab, who steal humanitarian assistance supplies intended for citizens in need.

After months of political wrangling and questions of whether a fair election could be conducted amid rampant vote-buying, Somalia's parliament elected a new leader in February, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as "Farmajo".

Somalia says it plans to take over security responsibilities from the AU.

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