Trump Undergoes Scheduled Health Check

Trump reportedly made the remarks at a White House meeting on immigration on Thursday and a USA senator who attended the gathering said on Friday that the president used "vile, vulgar" language, including repeatedly using the word "shithole".

African Union ambassadors to the United Nations demanded an apology from US President Donald Trump for his racist remark on the people of Africa. He said if Trump can't support it, "it's hard to see how we could get him to agree to anything that could pass in Congress".

Steven Forester, of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, blasted the president's decision to sunset TPS as racist and said the reported comments prove it.

"Trump has always been a racist, only a racist can use such foul language", said Nancy Mulenga, a student at the University of Zambia. The remarks, Durbin said, were "vile, hate-filled and clearly racial in their content".

Trump on Thursday rejected a pitch from a bipartisan team of senators on a compromise immigration deal to protect DACA participants while increasing border security.

White House Says Judge's Temporary Block On Removing DACA Is 'Outrageous'
Earlier on Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives told reporters there had been substantial progress toward a deal. Some other lawmakers who have been engaged in the negotiations were also optimistic; others said no deal had yet been reached.

"How many examples do you need of this?"

"Honestly I don't think the Democrats want to make a deal", Trump said. "This isn't just a story about vulgar language, it's about opening the door to humanity's worst side", he said.

The sitting president's routine medical check-up is not usually a topic that dominates headlines, but speculation about Trump's health has intensified in the early days of his second year in office. That's because 60 votes will be needed to avoid a filibuster and Republicans have a narrow 51-49 majority.

President Donald Trump is in "excellent health", according to the physician who conducted his first physical exam as commander in chief.

Miami's Haitian-American community leaders planned to spend Friday remembering the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the horrific 2010 quake on the island.

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Trump, 71, is the oldest person elected president and has made public his affinity for fast food and disdain for exercise outside of golf.

Trump supporters say a big reason why they hold their views is because he is a different kind of president and fighting the establishment. "Immigrants from throughout the world of all races, nationalities, and religions have built this country and are contributing today to its improvement", said House Democratic Whip Steny H Hoyer. He has also considered recording all his meetings to prevent similar controversies in the future. Since federal health privacy laws also cover the president, it will be up to Trump to decide what information to release.

Sens. David Perdue, R-Ga., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who attended Thursday's meeting, issued a statement saying they "do not recall the president saying these comments specifically".

In recent weeks the Trump administration has been withdrawing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from a number of nationalities now living in the country.

But Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said by Durbin to have voiced objection to Trump's comments during the meeting, issued a statement that did not dispute the remarks.

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"As an American, I am ashamed of the president".

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