Trump takes credit for Olympics talks between North and South Korea

The 'Truce Village' between North and South Korea

Trump Says Willing To Talk To North Korean Leader, With Conditions

For now, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is expected to cover expenses for North Korean athletes once they come to South Korea. And North Korea has no military reason to stop its nuclear program.

South Korea expects more talks over the weekend with North Korea via a hotline reopened earlier this week, Baik said.

Unable to cross into South Korea by land, majority of the defectors choose to cross the Amnok or Tumen rivers to reach China and from there to a third country - mainly Thailand and Mongolia - where they ask for asylum at South Korean embassies and consulates, something they can not do in Beijing.

"Sure, I always believe in talking", he said.

The White House also released a statement on the phone conversation between the two leaders, but it put its focus on Presidents Moon and Trump agreeing to quote "continue the campaign of maximum pressure against North Korea" and 'not repeat mistakes of the past.' (STANDUP) While the annual joint military drills are postponed and not cancelled, the agreement between Presidents Moon and Trump will likely create some momentum toward deescalating tensions on the Peninsula ahead of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

U.S. resumes DACA applications after judge blocks end to program
Trump promised to end the program during the presidental campaign, and in announcing it was being phased out, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called it an unconstitutional circumvention of Congress.

Seoul must also heed U.S. officials' concern, though Washington supports the talks and looks forward to seeing good results.

Speaking to CNN, Tillerson made clear that Washington was also open to talks with North Korea, but warned that while it aimed to resolve the crisis diplomatically, "those diplomatic efforts are backed by a strong military option if necessary". He added: "They do know how to reach us if and when they are ready to engage with us as well".

North Korea says its weapons are necessary to counter US aggression, and it regularly threatens to destroy the United States and its two key Asia allies, Japan and South Korea.

January 4, 2018 (EIRNS)-The United States and South Korea agreed today to postpone the annual U.S.

One of the darkest shadows over the new year is the danger that the Trump administration will stumble into a devastating war with North Korea.

Iran Rejects Trump Demand For Renegotiation Of Nuclear Deal
And Russia spoke out strongly in favor of the accord, calling it "the result of a consensus among many parties". Britain, France and Germany called on Trump on Thursday to uphold the pact.

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera sounded a note of caution about the proposed talks.

The vast majority of defectors from the impoverished North, which suffers chronic food shortages and is subject to UN Security Council sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes, go first to China. "We have no intention of weakening our warning and surveillance".

South Korea's Defence Ministry has said it had yet to see any evidence of an imminent missile launch. It ought to keep a close consultation with the U.S. to send a united message.

"Pyongyang has taken the initiative to improve relations with Seoul this time".

Pompeo said he still believed, as he had said in October, that North Korea is just a few months away from crossing the threshold to putting a United States city at risk of nuclear attack.

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CVS Healthcare will keep Aetna Inc.'s operations in Hartford after it acquires the insurance company, a CVS official said Friday. Aetna said at the time the merger was announced that all of its locations would be evaluated as part of its integration with CVS.

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