Switzerland bans boiling lobsters alive

Switzerland bans boiling lobsters alive

Switzerland bans boiling lobsters alive

"We give protection to birds and mammals, now we give very little protection to decapod crustaceans - lobsters and crabs - and the question comes, why is there this difference?"

Although a lobster can make for a delicious dish, it's often boiled alive during the cooking process, which has been met with a lot of public criticism and calls for a more humane cooking method. Nearly all recipes instruct to plunge still-living lobsters head-first into boiling water before continuing with dressings or such.

"Live crustaceans, including the lobster, may no longer be transported on ice or in ice water".

The new law, which will come into effect starting March 2018, will also require a more humane mode of transportation when moving the lobsters from their natural habitat in the ocean to grocery stores and restaurants.

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And Switzerland isn't on the coast anyway, so you probably shouldn't eat lobsters there as they'll have been in a van for a day before getting there and the meat will be all tense from the journey.

The new Swiss law says that lobsters "will now have to be stunned before they are put to death".

The new law doesn't mean taking lobster off the menu.

The move is a response to studies that suggest lobsters are sentient with advanced nervous systems that may feel pain. Illegal puppy farms in Switzerland will also be apprehended.

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Various experiments conducted at Queen's University in Belfast showed that crabs gave up a dark hiding place they inhabited when exposed to electric shocks.

This legislation in Switzerland has sparked a debate on whether invertebrates including crustaceans can feel and sense pain.

While there is no absolute proof that lobsters can feel pain, constant experiments ran by scientists indicate an idea of pain in lobsters and similar animals.

The group that is known for its active campaign to stop cruelty against animals also took a swipe at the US government for not enacting laws to protect crustaceans.

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Animal welfare advocates praised the new law and said other countries should follow suit. An Italian court ruled last June that lobsters can not be kept on ice in restaurant kitchens because it causes them undue suffering.

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