SWEET: Immigration talks continue after Trump's head-spinning meeting

The request from corporate leaders comes as lawmakers are negotiating a legislative replacement for the Obama-era DACA program

The request from corporate leaders comes as lawmakers are negotiating a legislative replacement for the Obama-era DACA program

President Donald Trump's staffers weren't fooling anyone by scrubbing an important line from the transcript of Tuesday's immigration meeting. And the President further complicated things Thursday when he made highly incendiary comments about immigrants from Haiti and countries in Africa, which have inflamed and brought criticism from many in Trump's own party.

United States judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump from ending an Obama-era programme that protected from deportation migrants who had entered America illegally as children. Chuck Schumer said on Twitter that more work needs to be done to protect DACA recipients.

President Donald Trump and a bipartisan group from Congress met January 9 at the White House to discuss a measure to keep DACA and include Trump's demands for a border wall and other security measures.

Sanders did not care about the filmed proof in that instance, and the White House, evidently, doesn't care about the proof now as officials attempt to deny that they extracted Trump's statement from the transcript intentionally.

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But negotiations over a deal on the DACA program froze last week after Trump derided African nations as "sh-hole countries" and asked why more immigrants couldn't come from Norway during the Thursday's closed-door meeting with lawmakers.

The judge did not rule on the merits of the case but said the plaintiffs would suffer irreparable harm if the Trump administration ended DACA before the legal dispute is resolved. Durbin is a member of the bipartisan group and an early proponent of legislation to shield those immigrants. "We just have to get it done", he said. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., told reporters on Capitol Hill. "I am hopeful that we can make some real progress on solving this problem". Flake added that "it's the only game in town".

The bill is also filled with other immigration items on Trump's wish list, including a proposal to allow the Justice Department to withhold grant funding to so-called sanctuary cities.

Various media figures noted this peculiar absence, and a new transcript has now come out with the first part of Trump's remarks.

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Trump at the meeting urged bipartisan cooperation to address the status of Dreamers, people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally as minors, as well as border security.

The Trump administration had announced in September that it meant to wind down the program over six months, allowing Congress time to enact a permanent solution for the young immigrants commonly known as "Dreamers".

Eventually, Trump is going to need to decide how he actually feels about protecting Dreamers: Is it the urgent necessity that he called on Congress to pass, or an odious concession that is only acceptable when paired with a restrictionist revolution in American immigration policy?

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