Speakers win ground from phones in smart home battle

Speakers win ground from phones in smart home battle

Speakers win ground from phones in smart home battle

Only two of four companies confirmed as Google Assistant "smart display" manufacturers are actually ready to showcase their market pioneers, with LG and Sony set to follow later on. So one can watch videos on YouTube, video call with Google Duo, find photos from Google Photos and more.

Both the 8-and the 10-inch Smart Displays boast a single 10W speaker, 1.75-inches on the smaller unit, 2 inches on the 10-inch model, with both models sporting 2×2 dual microphone arrays.

Users of the smart displays being unveiled by Google can not browse the Web or install apps as they would on a tablet, but the new gadgets are optimized for sound quality and listening to voice commands. Google has set up a huge "Hey Google" booth at CES 2018, and has come up with a Smart Display platform.

Lenovo is the first company to introduce its Google Assistant-equipped smart speaker at CES.

Google's even blessing headphones made by Jaybird, Sony, LG, and JBL with Assistant. So, you can say "Hey Google" anytime and it will listen to your command.

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In a sign of the stakes involved, Google past year cut off the Echo Show's access to YouTube and took the rare step of explicitly saying it was acting in retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell Google products.

Lenovo hopes to have the display out by early summer, and pricing will start at $199.99 for the 8-inch model, and $249.99 for the 10-inch model.

Thanks to the affordable Google Home Mini and Amazon Acho Dot, it has become easier to enter the smart home ecosystem.

New Android TVs. Changhong, Element, Funai, Haier, Hisense, and Westinghouse are announcing new Android TVs at CES, and each comes with Google Assistant.

Lenovo's Smart Display will ship in the summer - in the USA, at least - with prices starting at $199 for the 8-inch and $249 for the 10-inch model.

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Prices for these smart displays will likely fall in around $200. The other will sport a 10.1-inch display and will be priced at $250 (Approximately Rs 15,927).

Despite these concerns, companies are still betting big that you'll want these devices in your home.

The original Google Home smart speaker is always getting new capabilities. There is also a 5 MP front-facing camera for video calls, along with a dedicated camera shutter button if you ever need to take a selfie.

Available in two finishes - soft-touch grey or bamboo - the display can be fit either horizontally or vertically.

Beyond our privacy concerns, Google's new product has one more advantage over Amazon's gadgets.

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