S. Koreans Missing for Second Year at CES Keynote Stage

S. Koreans Missing for Second Year at CES Keynote Stage

S. Koreans Missing for Second Year at CES Keynote Stage

Peterbilt Motors Company solidifies its position as an industry technology leader with its display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas NV.

CES to its friends - is a sprawling and overwhelming blur of booths, press events, demos and gadgets. Visiting the CES 2018 official show locations page will give you all the information you need to get around.

More than 3,900 companies will be exhibiting their wares at this year's event.

All eyes will be on where Google Assistant will appear as a result of partnerships with other companies, rather than the Google Home speaker itself.

Intel focusing in artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, autonomous driving and virtual reality, Intel is taking the next steps at CES 2018 to reimagine how data will create awesome new experiences that will transform our daily lives.

Google Pixelbook has Fuchsia inside, is it launching as a desktop OS?
Google stopped developing this branch of the system UI, though, so there's no way to get it running on an Android phone anymore. The first is obviously Android, which is now the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet.

Google hasn't talked a lot about what it's planning to showcase at the event, but given the heavy Assistant branding it's a safe bet that the company's services will play a big part.

It can be hard to think about robots without wondering how automation will affect how we work, but the robots coming to CES aren't ones looking to replace people. "We think our device is the best and most handsome, but the open platform is the future".

The sports zone may bring together tendencies which have emerged in CES over the decades: wearables, augmented reality, detectors, and apps for measuring physical activity. As they continue that march, marketing and PR will be clutch, and this extensive showing at CES - in light of this clear focus from Google - becomes way less surprising when all this is considered.

Another common feature for new TV models is HDR, which promises even more definition for each individual color.

According to Toyota, the e-Pallette is a fully-automated, next generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) created to be scalable and customizable for a range of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) businesses.

Next-gen Nokia 6 (2018) to be revealed this coming Friday
Are you excited about Nokia 6 (2018)? The Nokia 6 (2018 ) is expected to be launched this Friday on 5 January in China. The teaser captioned in Chinese as seen in the image above shows a few old Nokia phones that are arranged to form "3".

And while a few companies like Apple and Fitbit are now dominant in wearable devices, many startups are eager to challenge them with new approaches for tracking fitness and medical issues.

One of the stars of the show is this little robot. Tech companies including LG, Samsung and Microsoft use the worldwide show to wow the public with new gadgets.

After all, 5G will offer much faster speeds than 4G LTE.

Fellow South Korean tech giant Samsung was rumoured to be ready to fire back with a 150-inch television using new "Micro LED" technology, however, that could replace its current QLED television range and challenge OLED technology.

"Twenty years ago, people bought products sold at retail stores in very defined categories", he said.

White House asks to screen 'The Post'
For me personally, this movie proved to be a strong reminder of why I am a journalist. The Post is a film that is going to be relevant during awards season.

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