PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sells 3 Million on Xbox One Despite Issues

В PUBG появилась новая система античита

The update should also test and new system cases with the addition of two new

The company released the last-player-standing battle royale shooter for developer PUBG Corp as part of the Game Preview program for unfinished projects.

I can't imagine many, if any, other Xbox One games managing similar in a whole year. The title was a smash in its early access form on PC, breaking plenty of records on its path to sales victory and becoming one of the go-to games for Let's Players and streamers.

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For players just getting started, there will be a Tips and Tricks segment on Mixer at 3 p.m. PST on January 16 to share tips on inventory management and showcase UX shortcuts and features on the Xbox One controller. "Can you sort the hackers out please instead of this BP bullshit, no one gives a shit about BP", they wrote.

Planned future updates include additional game optimization and the new Miramar map. Starting with absolutely nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the only one alive. This will be an on-going series that will aim to assist new and existing players so they can taste the chicken-y flavor of success. Many feel like the two games aren't even in the same genre. Watch my replays. Sort it out, the game is ruined, stop just thinking about making money all the time.

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Other issues that have supposedly been fixed are intermittent character teleporation when landing with a parachute, character animations being stuck, red zones disappearing, stuck vehicles and not being able to walk through open doors. This is why players with more extra cash for keys can actually make a lot of money selling rare items they obtained.

Player-Focused Metagame Tools: Leaderboards and statistics plus replays and spectator mode tools are coming after Early Access launch.

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The drop rates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds loot crate boxes have been revealed.

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