Mira Sorvino apologizes to Dylan Farrow, denounces Woody Allen

Farrow claims that Allen her adopted father sexually abused her

Farrow claims that Allen her adopted father sexually abused her

In an open letter to his daughter, Sorvino elaborated that she regrets not looking further into the allegations against Allen and believing the media's portrayal of the situation between him, Dylan, and her mother, Mia Farrow.

I would like to speak specifically to the Woody Allen question, which I have been asked about a couple of times recently, as I worked for him on a film that came out in 2012.

When the topic of Allen came up, Gerwig found her voice.

"It is hard to sever ties and denounce your heroes, your benefactors, whom you fondly admired and felt a debt of gratitude toward for your entire career's existence", she wrote.

Gerwig also mentioned Farrow's two op-eds, one of which called her out, as well as Kate Winslet and Blake Lively, as supporters of the #MeToo movement who continued to professionally back the embattled director.

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"That is an admirable and worthwhile objective, I hope these women change the world", she said.

She explained it was a "dream role" for her and assured Dylan she never experienced inappropriate behaviour with Allen, before adding, "But this does not excuse my turning a blind eye to your story simply because I wanted desperately for it not to be so".

Sorvino famously acted and won an Oscar in Allen's film Mighty Aphrodite in 1995, but she has vowed to never work with the director again in an open letter to his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.

The actress is starring alongside Max Irons, William Hurt and Leem Lubany in the AT&T Audience original series "Condor", but she has many more projects in the pipeline, she said at the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday. When y met, Ronan gave details about Allen's abuses, which had already been reported by Mia Farrow in 1992, but filmmaker denied at all times and for those who were never convicted.

Sorvino wrote she looked up to Allen as one of her heroes and called him talented, but there was no excuse for his alleged behavior.

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Mira revealed past year that she had spurned sexual advances from producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sorvino stated clearly that her relationship with Allen on the film was "friendly, though not close, but in no way did he ever overstep his bounds with me". The story became an embarrassment for NBC News, Farrow's former employer, which decided his work about Weinstein wasn't ready to air and authorized him to take it elsewhere.

As for his own father, Ronan is hopeful the new wave of solidarity for victims of sexual harassment and abuse will encourage actors to think more carefully before continuing to work with Allen onscreen as questions about his past remain. He wrote for Shandling, produced episodes of "The Larry Sanders Show" and even interviewed the comic when he was a 16-year-old high school student doing a radio show on Long Island.

Actors Ellen Page, Griffin Newman and David Krumholtz have all expressed regret about working with Allen. "And probably, yes, the family background made me someone who understood the abuse of power from an early age".

Head over to The Huffington Post to read Sorvino's full letter.

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