Mercedes unveils new MBUX infotainment at CES 2018

When you think of the Consumer Electronics Show, you may picture wild concept cars whose technologies we won't see for quite some time.

On the features front, the new-gen Mercedes-Benz GLS will also come with some semi-autonomous systems and functions derived from the E-Class and S-Class.

There is a lot of anticipation for the revamped version of Mercedes' infotainment system. In addition to a touchpad, the driver can simply tap the screens (not an option on most recent Mercedes systems), use touchpads on the steering wheel, or use voice control.

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We still don't know all the details of the new features that will encompass the G-Class, but we do know that despite a familiar look, it is almost all-new from the ground up.

Mercedes will offer the cockpit screens in three different configurations comprising the instrument cluster and infotainment system: two 7-inch displays, a 7-inch display and a 10.25-inch display, and two 10.25 inch displays. The system can learn a wide range of info about users' needs and driving habits, which then serves to predict choices and actions, for example in terms of itineraries or the preferred radio station.

Mercedes-Benz will be able to update the interface over the air and plans to debut it in its new A-Class cars, which the company has said it will unveil in February.

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To ensure the MBUX lives up to its name, Mercedes also gave the platform artificial intelligence, which can learn your preferences and adapt accordingly.

Aside from making the riding experience of the driver and passengers of the auto convenient and fun, Mercedes said that MBUX creates an emotional connection between the vehicle and the people in it. To help drivers find a particular house number more easily or take the correct off-ramp, pictures of arrows and house numbers are superimposed automatically onto the touchscreen image.

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