Major Push To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Expected In Upcoming Session

Open for Business California Marijuana Shops Celebrate New Year New Law

California Marijuana Shops Celebrate New Year New LawAP

Those powers are not vested in the executive branch, which includes the president and, more relevant to this discussion, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recently announced that he will no longer follow an Obama-era policy of not enforcing federal laws against marijuana. And the reason its the federal prosecutors deciding is because the federal prosecutors have control over the federal enforcement officers: "the DEA, the FBI, and all those guys".

The change, he said, removes "clarity and consistency" for an industry that depended on it. "It's also a PR nightmare" for the Justice Department, he said.

According to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, the state of Oregon received over $60 million in state taxes from the recreational marijuana industry.

Congress has determined "that marijuana is a risky drug and that marijuana activity is a serious crime", Sessions said in his January 4 memo to USA attorneys.

"The Justice Department's decision to rescind the Cole Memorandum completely disregards the steps the state of Colorado has taken to regulate legal marijuana dispensaries and retail stores", Bennet wrote. Gardner probably won the day by vowing to stonewall the Justice Department's attempts to fill vacancies until Sessions rescinds the recision. True, the president has discretion to choose prosecution priorities.

The U.S. attorney for Colorado Bob Troyer made a public statement and said that federal enforcement in Colorado would not change pace at this time.

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"As I've said before, especially in regard to medical marijuana, the federal government has no business sending in the FBI and Department of Justice to prosecute people in full compliance with their own state's law", Lewis said.

The number of Americans who are in favor of legalizing marijuana continues to increase. It appeared to use this hot-button issue to divert attention from new allegations of Trump misbehavior and investigations into Russian meddling.

The key to understanding the Trump administrations approach to policy, it seems, is to look at what most Americans want and then imagine the opposite. That report was from 2012, when weed was technically legal in Washington state; however, the sale of recreational marijuana didn't start until 2014.

The effect of the Obama policy was thus to reduce the illogic of state legalization being contradicted by federal prohibition. Finding sources of business capital has been a recurring problem for cannabis companies in states that have voted to legalize.

The effect of the Trump policy is to do the opposite. U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis, R-Minn., is part of a group of lawmakers hoping to provide more reliable protection for state programs. "I think that the statement of the Attorney General is that it is still illegal at the federal level and I support that", he said.

That's not the end of the world, economically speaking. Many banks are unable or unwilling to lend to an industry with uncertain legal status. Others have been operating through years of gray-zone norms.

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The memo urged the states to keep marijuana from getting to places where it remained illegal. That's not such a disaster, either.

Well, for one thing, it's easy.

"This latest move from Attorney General Sessions and the Trump Administration is a direct attack on the State of Nevada, sovereign tribal governments, and the rights of people in states, tribes, and territories all across the United States", said Congresswoman Dina Titus, a founding member of the House Cannabis Caucus.

The checkerboard legal situation encourages structural disrespect for law itself.

SF Travel refers visitors to its website to find out everything they need to know about cannabis consumption in the state. However, they have succeeded in giving power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats what was, before 9-11, the go-to justification for violating our civil liberties. They want all of our personal information.

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