Leaked metrics show why Snapchat had to be redesigned

Consumers spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram Report

The Daily Beast reported"confidential metrics that give more insight into Snap's

Most people ignore marquee features inside of Snapchat and use the app primarily for chatting and exchanging photos with friends, according to leaked internal metrics published today by the Daily Beast.

After a rough Q3 previous year, Snapchat shared that a new "disruptive" design would be coming to the social media platform, while also acknowledging that the app can be hard to use.

Also not rosy: Snapchat's Discover feature, which allows publishers like The New York Times and The Washington Post to pump out daily "Editions" of their content. The app, which enables users to share their locations with friends, registered more than 30 million daily users at its launch date in June.

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Popular image and video sharing app Snapchat has left users in a frenzy following its latest update that has drastically changed the app's appearance.

Then, at the end of November, the company unveiled the redesign with a limited release following that week (Snapchat still hasn't rolled out the redesign to all users). Users for the Discover Edition peaked on July 24 with 38 million daily active users, or 21% of the overall user base, during the five months the Daily Beast reviewed.

Once the Discover part of the app is separated from users' content, it is doubtful the feature will see those peak figures. Hoping to improve that stagnation, Snap is reportedly developing something called ...

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Not all was bad for Snapchat, as the app saw a steady, if minuscule, number of daily sent snaps.

An inside look at some of the data Snap executives guard most closely may provide insight into why the company is overhauling its app.

The number of users sending snaps daily has also increased over time, reflecting growing use of the Snapchat camera to send messages and post public stories.

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