Jefferson County Department of Health specialist offers tips to avoid the flu

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Eastern Health

Of all tested laboratory samples received by the CDC last week, 83.6% were influenza A and 16.4% were influenza B.

Ivey's declaration notes, "Health care facilities that have invoked their emergency operation plans in response to this public health emergency may implement".

The Alabama Influenza Surveillance Map from the ADPH declared there to be a widespread level of influenza across the state for the week ending on January 6.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there's still plenty of flu season to endure, and it's not too late to get a vaccine. Allen said this number is dependent on parents informing teachers of their child's illness. This year we do have a vaccine.

St. Peter's says that they need to take these precautions since they have patients that could die from influenza such as newborns, hospice care patients and cancer patients who may have weakened immune systems.

Across the United Kingdom, all children under the age of nine, pensioners and those with serious health issues are eligible for a free flu vaccine, however the rest of the population pay £13.

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While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible. "The worst thing [parents] can do is think their child needs to be at school and send them to school sick".

"It still helps", Berg said.

"We are now in the midst of a very active flu season with much of the nation experiencing widespread and intense activity", CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald told reporters during a briefing. "If disease does occur after vaccination, the vaccine can reduce the severity of flu symptoms and prevent both hospitalization and death". A cold affects mainly your nose and throat while flu affects you more.

"We're not seeing anything that's alarmingly high", Allen said.

There are large outbreaks of the flu, despite widespread administration of the flu vaccine.

In any year, even when you're vaccinated, you can get the flu.

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Just one or two capsules a day could protect against Aussie flu, Chana claimed. "The proportion of outpatient visits to a hospital for influenza-like illness (ILI) was 5.8%, which is above the national baseline of 2.2%."According to the CDC flu map, the outbreak in Texas began in December".

"Flu is anywhere from the U.S. at this time ...there is a lot of influenza in several areas".

The London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds branches we spoke to said they were completely out of stock, and could not confirm when new supplies would be received.

Already, 26 people died from the flu in North Carolina. Illness typically lasts two to seven days, and often puts healthy people in bed for days. So getting a vaccine would help cover them as well. SW; Health Center - Town & Country, 831 South Broadway; and Health Center - Medical Arts, 400 Burdick Expressway E.

Dr. Dreiling says physicians can prescribe antiviral drugs, like Tamiflu, to treat symptoms.

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