Iran's ex-president arrested for inciting unrest

Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives an interview to The Associated Press at his office in Tehran Iran Saturday

Iran's ex-president arrested for inciting unrest

But Trump is likely to pair his decision to renew the concessions to Tehran with new, targeted sanctions on Iranian businesses and people, the six people briefed on the matter said.

The President also ordered the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, as well as the Governor of the Central Bank to take measures to increase costs so that the exporters of state and private sectors can directly export their products to target countries. They demanded that the unelected ayatollahs end their decades of repression and release their iron-fisted grip on Iran and her people.

Since the nationwide demonstrations began last month, the Iranian regime has exacted a crackdown.

At least 21 people were killed and hundreds arrested.

US President Trump has tweeted his criticism of the Iranian government and has encouraged the protests.

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U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said the session had put Iran on notice that "the world will be watching" its actions, but envoys from several other countries expressed reservations about whether the council was the right forum for the issue. Weeks before the protests, Rouhani publicly complained that large parts of the government budget went to religious institutions, largely seen as power bases of the hard-liners, seeking to deflect blame over the economy.

Rouhani, who enjoyed widespread support from university students during his 2013 and 2017 re-election campaigns, promised to de-securitize Iranian universities, which have often served as the focal point of protest movements in Iran.

And Iranian hard-liners, clerical and military, are not going to permit protests demanding Western freedom and material goods, to cause them to commit what they believe would be ideological suicide.

As regards the U.S. administration's congressionally mandated deadline of mid-January to certify Iran's compliance with the JCPOA and the United States president's possible move to re-impose sanctions on Iran, Qassemi said Tehran is ready to deal with all possible scenarios.

The country is guilty of suppressing freedom of the press and peaceful protests, as well as cracking down on dissent and overseeing unfair prosecutions and excessive use of the death penalty, according to independent watchdogs.

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Also Sunday, Iranian lawmakers held a closed session in which senior security officials briefed them on the protests and the conditions of the detainees, the state-run IRNA news agency reported. Protesters called for an "Iranian republic" instead of an "Islamic republic", while some complained that the clerics who have been ruling Iran since the 1979 revolution should "get lost".

The AP mentioned changes that would primarily address President Trump's annoyance with having to certify Iranian compliance every 90 days, either by removing the requirement or requiring it much less frequently.

There are some vital differences between the protests that shook Iran in 2009 and those taking place now.

He added there was no accurate information about the number of people arrested by the regime in other Iranian cities. As the Iranian people suffer, their government and the IRGC fund foreign militants, terrorist groups, and human rights abuses.

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