Homework Assignment Asks Kids to List 3 'Good Reasons' for Slavery

Source Facebook

Source Facebook

A teacher at a Lutheran school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has sparked outrage after asking students to come up with three reasons why it was good for people to own slaves. They signed the letter, which Brown-Berry said she helped write. "This particular assignment is no longer a part of our curriculum and we are committed to working with our families and our teachers".

Facebook user Trameka Brown-Berry's son is enrolled in the class.

As reported by Click 2 News in Houston, students in an English class at Our Redeemer Lutheran School were handed a group assignment with one question that read as follows: "give three "good" reasons for slavery and three bad reasons".

"Not only was my son in an bad position but also the students who weren't black because it's that sort of mentality of not being able to see from another's perspective and only seeing your lens, that's what risky".

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School principal Jim Van Dellen admits to Fox 6 the assignment was out of line.

Brown-Berry's son wrote on his assignment, "I feel there is not good reason for slavery". She said she suggested he just write how he felt so he wrote: "I feel there is no good reason for slavery that's why I did not write".

"It was very insensitive for the teacher to do that", Goodson said.

She posted a picture of the work assignment with the caption, "Does anyone else find my 4th grader's homework offensive?" That is how you go about change.

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Brown-Berry said the principal agreed to her suggestions for addressing the matter, including written and verbal apologies to students and parents and cultural diversity training for staff.

"We understand that, as presented, the words used showed a lack of sensitivity and were offensive", said Van Dellen.

Van Dellen says he will be meeting with Brown-Berry face-to-face Wednesday.

Among those who were disturbed after reading about the assignment on Facebook was the administrator of Hispanic News Network U.S.A, H. Nelson Goodson who questioned the school administration as to why a teacher would pose such a question to the children who are young learners.

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