Heavy's the Head That Wears the Crown: Queen Elizabeth Talks Royal Headgear

The filmmakers had to deal with the fact no one except God is above the crown

The filmmakers had to deal with the fact no one except God is above the crown

The tin was then buried in a deep hole beneath a sally port - an emergency exit from Windsor Castle. "Telling her seemed strangely odd", royal commentator Alastair Bruce told the publication.

This year saw a scaled-back State opening of Parliament Ceremony with the Queen arriving by auto rather than carriage and not wearing the Imperial State Crown or the Robes of State.

The trap door, used to access the secret area where the tin box was kept, is still there.

In the documentary, the Queen also lifts the lid on the amusing trials and tribulations of being head of state - from the perils of wearing a heavy crown to her robes sticking to a thick carpet pile.

The Queen made the comments when recording an upcoming BBC documentary entitled 'The Coronation' which delves in to her memories of the day she was crowned. The Queen showed her wicked sense of humour by joking that you can't look down while wearing the Imperial State Crown - which weighs a staggering 1.28 kg.

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Mr Bruce was able to "gently" nudge the Queen to elicit further insights which "worked very well" during the 90-minute encounter, which he described as a "conversation".

In Graham's autobiography, Just As I Am, the man of faith wrote, "No one in Britain has been more cordial toward us than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II".

It also features a gemstone known as the Black Prince's Ruby, believed to have been worn by Henry V in his helmet at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

The Queen gets lyrical over the four pearls, said to have been Queen Elizabeth I's earrings, hanging from the State Crown, which look "not very happy now". But once you put it on, it stays.

The four-tonne coach is so heavy "the horses can't go faster", she said.

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"It's only sprung on leather", she added, and "not very comfortable". "So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they're quite important things", she said. "'Above all things, I do think of myself as just a simple Christian'". "They hadn't thought of that".

"Not what they're meant to do", the Queen quipped.

It is part of the Royal Collection season, in partnership between the BBC and Royal Collection Trust.

The British sovereign does not concede interviews to the press, but spoke exclusively to the BBC for the recording of "The Coronation", a documentary on the British Crown jewels and the other regalia - scheduled for broadcast this Sunday - of which brief extracts were made available on Friday, Efe news agency reported.

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