Google Pixelbook has Fuchsia inside, is it launching as a desktop OS?

Google Pixelbook Targeted For A Fuchsia OS Build

Google PixelBook is now being used to test the mysterious Fuchsia OS

KitGuru Says: Fuchsia might be open source, but it sounds like it is going to be a while before Google begins talking about it publicly. A page about installing Fuchsia on the Google Pixelbook has also been added which explains the process of placing the laptop in developer mode and booting from a USB drive. The development documents describe the OS as targeting "modern phones and modern personal computers", which would seemingly put it in competition with both of Google's existing OSes. This is separate from the Linux kernels that form Android and Chrome OS, so it seems like Google is just preparing itself for the future and taking its time with Fuchsia. It was very card heavy and similar in terms of looks to Android's Material Design. The testing of Fuchsia OS was first targeted on wearables and Internet of Things; it was further expanded to Acer's Switch Alpha 12 Chromebooks, and Intel NUC kits. Fuchsia can run on the open source emulator QEMU, but Fuchsia's graphics stack requires Vulkan support.

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This week it has been reported that Google has released documentation showing how to install the Fuchsia OS on the company's own Pixelbook laptop. The first is obviously Android, which is now the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet.

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A year ago reports emerged indicating that Google was working on a Pixel laptop that merged Android and Chome OS into one cohesive platform known as Andromeda at the time. Google stopped developing this branch of the system UI, though, so there's no way to get it running on an Android phone anymore. Opening up testing for laptops is an interesting development though, it certainly gives the impression that Google is working towards having a unified OS, similarly to what Microsoft is working towards with Windows 10. Fuchsia developers were also aiming for it to run on a Raspberry Pi 3.

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The extreme difficulty in getting Fuchsia to run reinforces the fact that Fuchsia is now a secret, deep-in-development operating system that Google isn't really ready to talk about or encourage people to try just yet.

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